General Terms and Conditions for Cambridge Exams

General Terms and Conditions for Cambridge Exams

Der Candidates,

The following terms and conditions apply to the purchase of a Cambridge exam:

All candidates must accept the Terms and Conditions of Cambridge University, a copy of which is attached to the booking confirmation. All candidates must present a valid photo ID (e.g. passport or identity card) on the day of the exam. Without a valid photo ID the participation in the exam is not possible.

A photo of the candidate may be taken by the examination centre. You agree that this photograph will be stored on a secure Cambridge University (UK) server and can be accessed on the Results Verification Site (only) on request and with your consent. The photo may only be made available to those organisations/persons to whom you have expressly consented. You also give your consent by passing on the reference number with which organisations can check your results on the "Results Verification Site".

Furthermore, you consent to data processing and storage in accordance with the current legal situation.

Cancellations, postponements and illness


If you are unable to take the exam for health reasons, please send us a medical certificate from your doctor within 5 days of the exam. If we receive the certificate in time, we can refund the exam fee minus a processing fee of EUR 89,- or credit it for a later examination. Please contact us as soon as possible at


Digital exams:

Paper-based exams:


Digital exams:

Paper-based Exams:

Stand: 07.11.2023

Right of Withdrawal for online booking of exams

Right of Withdrawal (only for distance and off-premises contracts)

You have the right to withdraw this contract within 14 days without any reason given.

To exert your right of withdrawal you need to inform us in written form, either by letter or by email. You may use the attached sample form, but you don’t have to. To keep the term (14 days) it is enough to send your information off within that time.

Consequences of your withdrawal (only for distance and off-premises contracts)

If you withdraw the contract, we are obliged to transfer the money (for that contract, if received already) back to you within 14 days after receiving your withdrawal.

If you have asked us to start our service(s) for you within the withdrawal-term of 14 days, we are allowed to charge you for that service in relation to the entire amount of the contract. (see above cancellation policy)

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