For Schools and Organisations

If you would like to register candidates for exams, we can enrol your school or organisation free of charge as a Preparation Centre with the University of Cambridge. This has the following advantages:
  • Reduced Exam fees
    €20 discount for all candidates registering through a Preparation Centre
  • Free Presentations
    in your school/organisation, to explain to students the benefits of Cambridge English Certificates
  • Certificate Awarding Ceremony
    for larger groups, a certificate ceremony can be held at your school or organisation, where we officially present the certificates to your candidates
  • Speaking Mock Exams
    upon request we can do a trial run for the oral exam with an English native speaker before the exam, for a small fee
  • Results Online Services
    as soon as the exam results are available, you can view them online, for all your students


An overview of the process
1. Date
2. Registration
3. Payment
4. Exam Day
5. Results
6. Certificates

Choose your preferred date from the webpage for the relevant exam(s).

As we have a limited number of places for our digital exams, please let us know the number of places you require with plenty of notice.

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1) Single Candidate Registration: after having agreed upon a date (or more than one date), we will send you the registration form. You distribute this to the candidates (or their parents, where applicable) for them to sign and return. As soon as you receive the forms, please send them back to us via email or otherwise. 

Contractual partner is the candidate (or parent/legal guardian).

2) Group Registration: after having agreed upon a date (or more than one date), we will send you the group registration form. You fill in all your candidates´ details and return the registration form to us via email or otherwise.

Contractual partner is the school/organisation. 

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Reservation of places
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Sending of details
Exams reg online

1) Single Candidate Registration: Payment will be collected directly from the candidates/their parents (meaning there is no need for you to collect exam fees from students!) - payment information is detailed on the form. 

Payment due within 3 days after submitting the registration form. 

2) Group Registration: You collect the exam fees from your candidates, we send an invoice to your school/organisation and your school/organisation transfers the exam fees to The Cambridge Institute. 

Payment due within 14 days from invoice date.

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Either candidates pay us directly or school/organisation pays for them
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Depending on preferred option, exam fees need/do not need to be collected from you
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All information regarding the exam day can be found here: Exam Day FAQs 

Teachers are able to attend the exam day if they wish to (in the waiting room, and between the papers to mentally support their students). However, this is not a requirement.

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ID compulsory
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Electronic devices will be collected
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Results will be available online approximately 5-10 working days after the exam (for digital exams). You will receive access to all of your candidates results.

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See all results
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Compare with other Exam Centres
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Certificates will take a further 2-3 weeks to arrive from England. They can be collected from The Cambridge Institute on Mariahilfer Straße by individual candidates, or we can send them all to your school. With larger groups we would also gladly come in person to the school to award certificates (and take photos, to motivate the next cohort of students!).

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or group certificate
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Useful links

  • Please find more useful information as well additional material for preparation centres on the Cambridge website here.
  • Teachers can also access the detailed results of their students online.
  • Please contact Ines Hawkins (our Centre Exams Manager) for the 'interactive mock test toolkit for teachers'.
Prep centre

Additional Resources


for preparation

Cambridge English has developed a big selection of learning materials, for students to improve their English, both inside and outside the classroom.

Handbook for Teachers

with mock exams

You will receive a Handbook for Teachers for the relevant exam/s, including 2 mock tests and lots of helpful tips for lessons.


and branding

You will have access to brochures, posters, videos, presentations and other helpful materials. You can also use logos, banners and certificates which show that your students are working towards Cambridge English qualifications.