Your Exam Day

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It's finally arrived...

... after a long period of intense preparation, you can now prove what you have learned.

Please ensure that you have fully familiarised yourself with the exam in advance. During the exam our employees are not able to answer questions regarding the format or contents of the exam.

You are very welcome to contact us prior to the exam if you would like to arrange lessons with one of our native English speaking teachers.

Digital versus paper-based exams

Most of our exams at The Cambridge Institute Vienna are digital, but we also have regular paper-based exam dates. 

What is the difference?

For digital exams all written parts of the exam (that is Reading & Use of English, Writing, and Listening) take place on a computer in our institute.

We provide all equipment for the exam, no need to bring anything!

What is the same?

The following is identical: 

  • the cost 
  • the format
  • the contents
  • the duration
  • the Speaking part
  • the certificate

The certificate does not disclose whether the exam was taken using a computer or paper. 

What are the advantages of a digital format?
  • Faster results
  • Your own headset for the Listening part
  • Automatic word count (you will be shown how many words you have already written)
  • No need to continue answers on additional paper, as everything it written on screen
  • No issues with examiners being unable to read your handwriting
Can I still take notes?

When taking digital exams, you are still welcome to make notes during the exam. We will provide paper for you to do so. However, please be aware that these notes will not be graded, and all answers must be submitted by computer.

You are also able to highlight text and make notes directly on screen. Watch this video for a demonstration (video uses the B2 First exam as an example).

Before the exam

How to register and what else do I need to know before the exam.

Where can I register?

You can register online here: Exam Booking Form

What are the registration deadlines?

You can find the registration deadlines in the exam schedule. For digital exams, the regular registration deadline usually ends 10 days before the exam.

After that, there is still the possibility of late registration for most exams, but this increases the exam fee by €50.

What is the cost, and how do I pay?

You will find our current prices listed against the relevant exam dates.

You will have to choose a payment method at the end of the registration process. Available payment methods are:  

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • eps-transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

When do I get my Timetable?

One week before the exam you will receive the Confirmation of Entry (CoE). This will tell you the exact timings of each part of the exam. It will also contain your "ID Number" and your "Secret Number" which you will use following the exam to access your results online.

In case you registered during the late registration period, you will receive your CoE approximately 3 days prior to the exam.

The speaking is currently scheduled to take place on the same day. If this is not the case, we will contact you.

What are the "Rules and Regulations"?

Cambridge exams guarantee standardised test conditions for all exam takers worldwide – this ensures fair exam conditions and the global comparability of results. More information can be found in this document.

How can I prepare?

Contact us if you are interested in a course or private lessons with our native English speaking teachers.

A preparation course is not compulsory and you are very welcome to make your own preparations for the exam.

Can I postpone my exam day?

Yes, you can postpone your exam under the following conditions:

Digital exams: 

Until 10 days prior to the exam (for free). However, after that a postponement is not possible anymore.

Paper-based exams:

Until 46 days prior to the exam (for free). However, after that a postponement is not possible anymore.

Can I cancel my registration?

A cancellation is possible under the following conditions:

Digital exams:

After submitting the registration form, a cancellation is possible up to 10 days prior to the exam date, whereby a cancellation fee of EUR 89,- will be charged. After that, no cancellations are possible.

Paper-based exams:

After submitting the registration form, a cancellation is possible up to 46 days prior to the exam date, whereby a cancellation fee of EUR 89,- will be charged. After that, no cancellations are possible.

On the day

Our aim is to make sure your exam day runs as smoothly as possible. To ensure this happens, there are some important things to consider.

When does it start?

Please make sure to be at the Institute before the official start of the first exam part. This allows us to start on time and without any unnecessary delays. 

Please find the timings for the day in the "Confirmation of Entry" which you will receive via email approximately 1 week before your exam date.

In case you registered during the late registration period, you will receive your CoE approximately 3 days prior to the exam.

Any latecomers will be denied entry, and will be unable to take the exam.

Are we allowed to leave between the exam parts?

You are not allowed to leave the institute during the 15-minute breaks between the written components. 

However, you may leave the institute between the final written component, which is usually the Listening, and the Speaking.

What forms of ID are accepted?

You must bring with you a valid photo ID (a passport, driving licence or identity card).

We will not be able to accept student cards, e-cards, bank cards etc.

What about electronic devices?

No electronic devices (phones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets etc) may be used during the exam, including during the breaks between the exam parts. 

All electronic devices as well as watches will be collected before the first part of the exam and will be kept in a secure, locked location.

What items can I bring with me?

The following items can be brought into the examination room: pen, pencil, medication (including dextrose), tissues and a clear water bottle. 

If you would like paper for making notes, this will be provided to you on the day by our colleagues. 

What happens to my other items?

Other items such as; jackets/coats, bags, umbrellas etc. can not be taken into the exam room. These may be left in the waiting room during the exam. The waiting room will be locked during the exam.

In the waiting room you are also welcome to bring drinks or snacks. We ask that you kindly leave the room in the condition that you found it, making use of the rubbish bins provided. 

Why are you taking a photo of me?

Before the Speaking part of the exam a photo will be taken, this photo will only be accessible on the  Results Verification Website to those with authorisation (for example universities, authorities or companies) and with your consent.

Photos are mandatory for B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency exams as these certificates are often accepted for visa applications.

Are there any more "Dos and Don'ts"?

Here you will find a helpful guide of "Dos and Don'ts" with all the important points.

I am ill on the day of the exam - what can I do?

If you are unable to take the exam for health reasons, please submit a sick note from your doctor within 5 days of the exam

If we receive a sick note in time, we can refund the examination fee - minus a processing fee of EUR 89 - or credit it for a later examination.

Please contact us at

After the exam

What happens after the exam, and how to get your results and certificate.

How do I get my results?

The results for digital exams will usually be made available to you 5-10 working days following the exam. For paper-based exams, results will usually take 6 to 7 weeks. In both cases, they will be published online by Cambridge University and available from the link below. The Confirmation of Entry you receive from us will state the final date by which your results will be available.

You can find your results here: Results Service for Candidates

On your Confirmation of Entry, bottom left, you will find the information covering how to find your results. Using your "ID Number" and "Secret Number" you can register online here and you will receive and automatic message once your results are available.

What is the "Statement of Results"?

All candidates will receive a Statement of Results, and those who passed the exam will also receive a certificate.

The Statement of Results includes:

  • Your grade  (for example: Grade B)
  • Your total score (for example: 187 points)
  • Your CEFR-Level (for example: C1)
  • Your score for each individual part of the exam.
How do I get my certificate?

The certificates will be sent from England to the Institute. We will automatically send you an email as soon as your certificate is ready to be collected.

Usually we receive the certificate approximately 2-3 weeks after the results have been published.

What do I do if I lost my certificate?

Candidates who have lost their certificate may only apply for a certifying statement; a replacement certificate will not be issued.

Note: replacement certificates and certifying statements can only be issued in the name of the candidate at the time the award was made.

More information can be found on the Cambridge English website here.