Legal English courses

Our next Legal English courses will start in November 2023 and April 2024!

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Legal trainees (RechtsanwaltsanwärterInnen) in Vienna can use this course to supplement their softskill education. You will find more information here.

Our Legal English Course is a high-level English language course for law students and practising lawyers who want to work in an international legal setting. This qualifciation can help you find a job in an international commercial law context or study law in English in your own country or abroad. In the Legal English course you will learn how to:

  • participate in legal meetings and discussions
  • express opinions clearly
  • unterstand and produce legal reports and other texts
  • read and understand contracts, statutes and legal opinions
  • understand and take part in or take notes on legal discussions and presentations
  • write legal letters, memoranda and proposals.

Please have a look here to check out the upcoming course dates.

If you are interested in our Legal English Course, please contact us at office@cambridge.at or 01/59 56 111.

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